A Patient with Kyphoscoliosis Learns to Tango

I had kyphoscoliosis my whole life. This means I had an “S” curve in my lower spine and a rounded upper spine (“hunchback”). I never knew this could be corrected as an adult.

I suffered from chronic, intermittent low back pain that was manageable with mostly exercise. When I developed pain radiating down my leg I went to physical therapy and it helped, but not completely. Then I developed pain in my abdomen which was rather severe. After seeing several physicians, (my doctor) recommended Dr. Rahman. Dr. Rahman agreed my spine was the likely cause of my pain. My history as well as my x-rays suggested surgery was needed.

After the surgery I was up and walking within a couple of days. All of my nerve pains—the ones down my legs and into my abdomen—were gone. Nevertheless, the recovery was painful, especially the first few months.

I am still recovering with mild to moderate pain from time to time. Otherwise, I can do almost anything I want to. I work the same job and hours I did before and do all my own housework. I do a bit of gardening and a lot of walking. I go to the gym several days a week and just finished Tango lessons with my husband. I’ve done some challenging hikes and have played badminton.

Another benefit from the surgery is how it makes me look. While I did not have this surgery for cosmetic purposes, I have been very pleased with all the compliments I’ve received on my straight spine. People ask me if I had it to do over again, would I. I never hesitate to say yes, I would do it again.