Amazing Recovery after a Terrible Fall

Several years ago I fell from the roof of my house, and fractured my pelvis in three places. Although the fractures healed, my pelvis never returned to a normal alignment. The result was awful. Over the next few years I developed a major scoliosis in my spine, and one of my hips stuck out at an angle. My clothes started to look strange on me (due to the curve in my spine), and I even began to struggle with balance. In addition to all of those problems, I was in constant pain.

I went to see a leading spine surgeon to ask what he would do, but he told me he didn’t believe that any surgery would be helpful. I was very discouraged. It was at this time that I went to a seminar about spine problems being presented by Dr. Rahman. I arranged an appointment with him afterwards, and I felt very confident that he would help me. I was right!

Although the surgery that Dr. Rahman recommended was a major undertaking, and required a long recovery, I am thrilled with the outcome. Today my pain has entirely gone away (I never realized how bad my pain was until it was gone!). My balance is good, and my posture looks normal (I’m an inch and a half taller since the surgery!). I can even wear clothes that I like again, and look good in them!

I am so glad that Dr. Rahman did my surgery. The results have been amazing, and I am very thankful.

M.C., Southern Illinois